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active relief

active relief

CBD Cream with Menthol and Arnica | 100mL • 3.4 fl oz

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Our soothing relief cream blends CBD (1000mg of full-spectrum hemp extract), menthol, and arnica for maximum targeted relief.

Simply pump some cream into your hand and massage affected area for cooling relief. Each pump contains approximately 10mg of CBD for a total of 100 pumps/1000mg of CBD in the container.

You deserve easy, natural recovery & relief.

Maximum potency

High quality ingredients

Lab-tested for safety

Free shipping on all orders

Vegan & gluten friendly

Legal in all 50 states

Our ingredients are key for recovery & relief

Most CBD oils and creams don’t usually contain enough potency, nor do they account for other ingredients to create a holistic system for whole body recovery and targeted relief. Athlos products go a step above the rest to engineer CBD products uniquely suited to athletes.

Our mission is to help you bounce back better from strenuous activities

You work really hard to get gains, but particularly tough days leave you lacking the motivation to get back into it. We want to give you a boost.

We created these products for ourselves and wanted the highest quality ingredients. Our test results show that our oils are free from pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.